390th Memorial Museum

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Located within the Pima Air and Space Museum, the 390th Memorial honors the courage and sacrifice of those who served. The 390th Bomb Group of 1943 was activated in California and featured four squadrons. Both air and ground troops were assigned within the 8th Air Force in July 1943 and were sent to Suffolk, UK for an overseas mission. The 390th squadrons bombed bridges, aircraft factories and oil refineries with a B-17 Flying Fortress. In total, 714 airmen gave their life fighting for freedom.

The interactive library is perhaps the most popular destination at the memorial museum. It’s a renowned private research center for Air Campaign Over Europe. Visitors can also opt for the online search feature and have access to the full collection from anywhere. Discover archives, documents and more from one of the most famous events in US military history.

A Memorial Worth Remembering

The museum is home to the only fully restored B-17s in the country. As visitors are awed by the beauty and magnitude of the aircraft, they’re also immersed in stories about the grit required in World War II’s high altitude warfare. The men who fought in this era also displayed incredible humor, grace and courage, all of which are showcased within the archives.

The largely volunteer-run arm of Pima is an experience not to be forgotten. Visit on Veteran’s Day weekend for special surprises and complimentary entry for military members, and discover a unique way to celebrate the men and women who served.

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