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The Southwest Inn at Sedona, Arizona offers casual lodging with upscale amenities found in many Small Elegant Hotels, and the personal attention found in many Bed and Breakfasts--Read More About Sedona's Best Hotel

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Southwest Inn is a Sedona Boutique Hotel

running in sedona

 The Sedona Marathon-

will take place on Saturday, February 1, 2014; and once again, The Southwest Inn at Sedona will be at the center of the action.  3 reasons to make the Southwest Inn your marathon home:

  1. We created our Endurance Breakfast before it became popular in "Born to Run".
  2. Our location-we are the closest hotel to the Start Line, and we are a popular viewing site for fans; and our outdoor jacuzzi facing Coffee Pot Rock is a must for after the race
  3. Our Enthusiasm-many of our staff will be in the race--Good Luck to All !!
sedona winter 

USA Today has ranked Sedona, AZ. as their #5 Winter Destination-

Many of the Hotels in Sedona are offering winter get-a-way packages, including the Southwest Inn at Sedona-Read More..

mt biking in sedona

Bike Riding in Sedona-

Road and Mt Biking in Sedona are under-rated--in fact, they are  World Class: there is beauty, fun trails and roads, dramatic and ever-changing terrain, and above all-access to and through the Red Rock Canyons of Sedona. The...Read More 

Golfing in Sedona-

People come to Sedona for many reasons , some come for the views, some come for meditation, others for hiking or biking, and some come for our world class golf courses...Read More

sedona hiking trails

Sedona Arizona has been ranked as the 3rd Best Trail Running City in America

by the October, 2012 issue of Trail Runner Magazine.  Come visit the Southwest at Sedona to experience for yourself why Sedona was ranked as #3--Read More about Running in Sedona

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The Weather in Sedona Az.

provides memorable experiences--all year!!Read More about Sedona's Weather-->

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Things to do in Sedona-

Many of the Sedona Hotels, or the Sedona Bed and Breakfasts like The Southwest Inn at Sedona are in a great location to make optimal use of your time. The Southwest Inn is near restaurants, hiking, shopping and all the many Sedona Lodging Attractions. Read More about What can I do in Sedona ?

Guest Review of the Southwest Inn at Sedona-->

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Dining out in one of Sedona's Restaurants-->

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Hiking in Sedona-

There are many Sedona Hikes to enjoy amongst Vortex Sites.  There are a number of outstanding Hiking Trails close to Sedona Hotels, including the Southwest Inn at Sedona.  The trails range in nature from casual, to challenging, to heart pounding; and, they all share two things in common: easy to access, and breathtaking scenery!! Here are some of our favorites:--Read More

pet friendly hotels in sedona

Pet Friendly in Sedona--what to expect-

When you pack for a vacation to Sedona, Az. does your dog follow you around the house, moping and trying to get into your suitcase?  Well there is a solution to this problem- you can take your dog with you!  There are many Sedona Arizona Hotels that are “Pet Friendly” and cater to our four legged friends.  There is no reason why your dog can’t have a great time in Sedona too!

Sedona’s Premier Boutique Inn … It’s what you get when you combine the atmosphere of a Small Elegant Hotel with the personal loving touch of a Bed & Breakfast.