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Golfing in Sedona


People come to Sedona for many reasons , some come for the views, some come for meditation, others for hiking or biking, and some come for our world class golf courses. Thats what this blog is dedicated too, golf courses, and why staying at the Southwest Inn at Sedona is a great idea for many reasons: one of which is our close proximity to three amazing golf courses. I'll take them one by one and give you a general idea of what they are about, approximate cost and distance from our Inn.

     1) Seven Canyons. A difficult, truly world class course.

"Since its opening in 2002, Seven Canyons golf has received acclaim and recognition from some of the nation's foremost golf course critics and publications. Designed by PGA legend and renowned golf course architect Tom Weiskopf, the Seven Canyons golf course is set in the heart of Sedona, surrounded by towering red rock formations and ancient ponderosa pines. And with classic-style bunkering and varying elevations, the course was designed for pure enjoyment and to be every bit as challenging as it is breathtaking."

  • Approximate Dist. - 4mi.
  • Cost - 

     2) Oak Creek Country Club. Southwest Inn's personal favorite due to it's lower cost, playability and fun factor.

"The golf course is a traditional layout similar to those that you may find in the mid-western United States. In the usual Trent Jones manner, the fairways are classic tree lined doglegs with fairway bunkers strategically placed in the landing areas, and the greens are all slightly elevated and surrounded with large swirling green side bunkers. The course is "player friendly", allowing plenty of room for error but always with an opportunity to recover and get errant shots back into play."

"The golf course consists of 145 acres, including three lakes. Water comes into play twice on the front nine between the #1 and #9 holes. On the back nine the water comes into play on holes #13 and #16 and occasionally, on hole #15. Recent renovations to the golf course include brand new concrete cart paths and all the green side bunkers rebuilt under the watchful eyes of the Robert Trent Jones Jr. design firm."

  • Approximate Dist. - 10mi.
  • Cost - $100 for 18 holes - $65 for 9 holes - $79 for 18 holes after 1p.m.

     3) Verde Santa Fe. The "economy" course. This course has the lowest price and the largest course.

"When you come play Verde Santa Fe Golf Club, you will feel like you are taking a picturesque walk through the high desert. Our golf course, located across the beautiful Verde Valley from spectacular Mingus Mountain, site of historic Jerome, is 18-holes and perfect for all levels of golfers to be challenged while having a blast. Situated 3,300 feet above the Phoenix metropolitan area, we are framed by the vast range of Black Hills that extend from Camp Verde to Cottonwood, and the beautiful Red Rock Cliffs of Sedona. We are where Hogan's wash and other natural arroyos come into play and where four lakes border the tenth and eighteenth holes. And to top it off, we have a pleasant average temperature of 80 degrees!"

"Verde Santa Fe Golf Club offers an assortment of quality facilities. Our club features a quality Pro Shop with an assortment of the latest golf gear. We even have Tommy B's 19th Hole Bar&Grille for you golfers who want to grab a bite and a beverage before or after your exciting round of golf. We are equipped with a driving range and short game area where you can sharpen your skills or take a lesson from one of our golf professionals. We pride ourselves on ensuring you have a fantastic experience while at Verde Santa Fe Golf Club."

  • Approxamate Dist. - 15mi.
  • Cost - Morning $49 - 11am to 2pm $39 - After 2pm $20

So, give us a call today to learn more about Golfing in Sedona:  800-483-7422

Mt. or Road Biking in Sedona


mt biking in sedona
Bike Riding (either road or mountain) in Sedona is under-rated--in fact, it is World Class: there is beauty, fun trails, dramatic and ever-changing terrain, and above all-access to the Red Rock Canyons of Sedona.

The Southwest Inn at Sedona lies at the Western Gateway to Sedona, and many of the Road and Mt Bike trails are accessable from our parking lot.  The best time of year for Bike Riding in Sedona would be the late fall through the early spring, especially during the months of November, December, January and February. 

Five great reasons why winter bike riding in Sedona is the best:

  1. Crisp nights
  2. Warm days
  3. No bugs
  4. No people
  5. And, winter rates

From the parking lot of the Southwest Inn at Sedona, you will have access to some of my favorite trails, including:mt biking thunder mt

  • Thunder Mtn., which can take you all the way around Sedona!!
  • Jeep Trail out to Devils Bridge, and further out to Secret Canyon.
  • Wagon Wheel Trail to Mescal to Aerie to Cockscomb.
  • Deadmans Pass and Long Canyon.
  • Cypress Trail, Dawa Trail, and Girdner Trail.
  • and, via Red Rock Crossing, you have access to all of South Sedona,

or, if you are on your road bike:

  • Out Thunder Mtn-beneath the front range, over to Snoopy Rock, and out towards Bell Rock.
  • Page Springs-ride through the rolling hills of the Northern Arizona Wine Country.
  • Ride up to the historic mining town of Jerome, European switchbacks!
  • Out over the Sedona Marathon course towards the Boynton Canyon Vortex.
  • Up through 89A towards the Navajo Overlook-rated as North America's most scenic highway.

You could ride for days, and never cross your previous path.  What's more, during the peek Mt Biking months of November, December, January, and February, you will enjoy our winter rates.  And, when you are done riding, you can enjoy our outdoor jacuzzi, which looks up at Thunder Mt., and Coffee Pot Rock. coffee pot rock

Please give us a call to learn more about Sedona's Incredible Bike Riding.  Call today:  800-483-7422.

Arizona College Football Schedule


arizona footballCollege student? Relative of a college student? Traveling to Arizona to catch a college game? Well we have a great idea for you! Take a side trip to Sedona AZ to relax and enjoy the sights! The Soutwest Inn at Sedona has spectacular  views, amazing rooms, and to top it all off, wonderful prices.

University of Arizona               Northern Arizona University             Arizona State University

Aug 30 - Northern Arizona        Aug 30 - at Arizona                      Sep 5 - Sacramento State

Sep 7 - at UNLV                       Sep 14 - at UC Davis                    Sep 14 - Wisconsin

Sep 14 - UTSA                         Sep 21 - South Dakota                 Sep 21 - at Stanford

Sep 28 - at Washington            Sep 28 - Montana                        Sep 28 - USC

Oct 10 - at USC                       Oct 5 - at Montana State              Oct 5 - at Notre Dame

Oct 19 - Utah                          Oct 12 - at Sacramento State        Oct 12 - Colorado

Oct 26 - at Colorado                Oct 26 - at Cal Poly                       Oct 19 - Washington

Nov 2 - at Califonia                  Nov 2 - Noth Dakota                    Oct 31 - at Washington State

Nov 9 -UCLA                            Nov 16 - Northern Colorado          Nov 9 - at Utah

Nov 23 - Oregon                      Nov 23 - at Southern Utah            Nov 16 - Oregon State

Nov 30 - at Arizona State                                                            Nov 23 - at UCLA

                                                                                                 Nov 30 - Arizona

Riding Motorcycles in Sedona


Sedona Motorcycle

Many motorcycle or bicycle riders come to Sedona and stay in one of the Hotels in Sedona that lie on 89A.  The Southwest Inn at Sedona is a Boutique Hotel in Sedona that is located at the Western Gateway to Sedona, and thus one of the first hotels in Sedona that riders would come to after a long day in the saddle.

Sedona has many attractions that make it special: Hiking, biking, golfing, the Red Rocks, shopping, art galleries, and Cooling Off during summer. This article is about something less well know, but equally as awesome, cruising on your motorcycle, or riding your bike into Sedona, while enjoying the scenery of the Southwest. To start with, the weather around here is perfect almost year round. The views that are great from your car, are spectacular on a motorcycle or a bike.

As you approach Sedona, you will be riding on some of the most scenic roads in the Southwest.  If you are coming in from the South, you could ride down the switchbacks from Jerome, and then take the Page Springs loop through the Northern Arizona Wineries; only to end up at the Western Gateway to Sedona-just above the Southwest Inn at Sedona.describe the image


After spending a relaxing night at the Southwest Inn at Sedona, you can continue down 89A through Oak Creek Canyon. This stretch of highway, which winds its way up the canyon towards Flagstaff is considered to be one of the most scenic drives in the Western United States. Several of the attractions that are found in the canyon are: the Indian Gardens, which is a great little store to stop at to grab a bite to eat. They have superb sandwhiches, and a very healthy selection of beer. Just a few miles north of Indian Gardens is Slide Rock State Park, which is a great place to stop, take in the sights and go for a dip, where you will be consumed with the laughter that is bouncing off the canyon walls. One of the best places to stop and get some great pictures for memories, is the Navajo overlook. This is just at the top of the switch backs, or around 8 miles north of slide rock. This outlook is 1,500 feet higher in elevation then Sedona, and as such lends its self to spectacular views of Oak Creek Canyon. From this point you have around ten miles of relatively flat road that takes you the rest of the way into Flagstaff.

Please let us know how the Southwest Inn at Sedona can assist with your Southwest riding plans.  Give us a call at 800-483-7422 !!

Nineteenth Annual Sedona International Film Festival


February 21-28, 2010

Sedona Hotels, including the Southwest Inn at Sedona have been proud to Host the Sedona International Film Festival. The Southwest Inn is not about to stop now! This year we are especially excited, due to the sheer number of films on display. There will be over 160 films showing in three different theaters between February 23 and March 3. Here is just a few of the films on display: Death by China 2.0, Go Ganges, Journey to Planet X, Teddy Bear, and A Virus Called Fear. The price of the tickets start at $12 each, or you can buy a package deal: $100 for 10, $200 for 20, or $475 for a Gold Pass that gets you into unlimited films. They even offer a $900 Platinum "All Access" Priority Pass that gets you into unlimited films, and all the festival activities, events, and parties!

After all that fun you are going to need a warm, comfortable place to stay. Southwest Inn at Sedona is just the ticket!! We provide breakfast and wifi, free of charge. We are also conveniently located in the middle of the three theaters showcasing these movies. As such, there are several directors and performers staying with us, giving you the chance to possibly meet and talk them during breakfast!!

USA Today ranks Sedona in the top 5 Off Peak Winter Destinations


imgres resized 600

USA Today has ranked Sedona, AZ. as their #5 Winter Destination. Many of the Hotels in Sedona are offering winter get-a-way packages, including the Southwest Inn at Sedona, who recently received a 2012 and 2013 award as an "Elite Hotel" from Tripadvisor.  The Southwest Inn at Sedona also offers a variety of vacation packages in Sedona.  So, why did USA Today rank Sedona has their #5 favorite destination?

It's almost winter in Sedona: We had our first snow of the year and it's only going to get colder from here; but that only happens in the early morning--by the afternoon, the sun is out, the air is crisp, and the hiking trails are empty.

The Southwest Inn is full of great ideas for a rainy or snowy day.

  1. Our rooms all have fire places to keep you warm.
  2. We keep a collection of board games for just such occasions.
  3. You can stay in touch with the outside world over our free WIFI network.
  4.  Check out our Spa Package and our Affordable Getaway Package. They both include some nice "you" time.
  5. Don't forget, we have as much warm coffee as you'd like in our lobby.     There's nothing quite like Sedona when there has been snow. The entire landscape gets a thin layer of white to contrast the red rocks. We suggest you find a nice warm and quiet place to enjoy the view, and what better place than The Southwest Inn at Sedona. For any more ideas or information, feel free to call us at 1-800-483-7422.

Enjoy Late Fall at The Southwest Inn at Sedona


imgresIn the late fall, Sedona becomes a more secluded and quiet place. The leaves are changing and the unique climate of Sedona offers an array of colors not to be found anywhere else. Restaurants in the area are becoming less crowded, so don't worry about a noisy atmosphere or needing a reservation. Arrange for a limo, from the Southwest Inn, and go for a tour around the four prominant vinyards in the area.

Look at the Southwest Inn at Sedona Packages to get some ideas on a fall trip. One of the best packages in the fall might be the Sedona Rail Road Package ,which includes two tickets on a train ride through the mountains where you can enjoy the changing leaves. Come enjoy a quiet Sedona at The Southwest Inn. For any more information, give us a call at 1-800-483-7422.

The Southwest Inn at Sedona and Google Maps Provide Grand Canyon Help

20121024  20121025 A17 ND25GRANDCANYON~p1
Google has begun taking their specialty cameras far beyond the road. They have captured the Swiss Alps from a Snowmobile. They even captured the inside of The Smithsonian from a push cart. Most recently Google rigged up some special back packs and sent them down the Grand Canyon on the backs of some able hikers. We at The Southwest Inn at Sedona have been providing our guests with maps for years. And now, Google Maps has taken the leap to provide Southwest visitors to the Grand Canyon some very special help via their map technology. 
If you would like to visit the Grand Canyon in style, try the Southwest Inn at Sedona's Grand Canyon Package.  Give us a call at the Southwest Inn for more information:  800-483-7422.

Economic Recovery-the Southwest Inn at Sedona Weighs In


Why is the current Economic Recovery so slow?

As a practicing CPA, down in the trenches, I can attest that each of the above economists are a little bit right, but they are missing the two most salient points on what is holding back the economic recovery.  As seen during daily audits, consumers are not spending like they were, because of the linguring debt overhang; and, business are not investing, because of the Washington Disconnect.

The Southwest Inn at Sedona is a Boutique Hotel in Sedona Arizona, squeezed in between Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona, just south of the Grand Canyon; and in one of the hardest hit regions in the United States.  The thought of four more years, like the last four is of great concern.  The Southwest Inn has previously published a blog on our opinion of the causes of the financial collapse; and, we have published a humerous-realistic reason behind the credit economy that failed; and, we have posted a link to a video that appears to be sadly true.

  • Richard Duncan lays out his conclusion that our economy grew out of credit-debt, and blew up because of credit-debt though his use of numerous government charts.  Many of the businesses that I have worked for have felt this false economy for the last decade, but were victems, unable to get off of the roller coaster.  And, this is where John Taylor is absolutely correct is his criticism that without consistent and long-term policies, businesses cannot survive.  Just imagine at half time, if the officials told the pass-happy New England Patriots that the rules just changed, and they could no longer throw passes??
  • Why has Washington been so anxious to "bail out" those individuals who were NOT making payments on their debt, and leave the responsible individuals fending for themselves?  The conclusion, reached by Reinhart and Rogoff calls for some kind of overall debt restructuring, in order to get the economy back on track; but, the charts in Duncan's book show this has not happened.
  • Paul Krugman displays a telling chart in his book, that answers the question-"where did all of that money used for stimulating the economy go?"--his chart clearly shows that banks are sitting on record reserves.
  • Now comes the Washington Disconnect:  yes, the banks are flush with cash reserves, however they have also been engulfed in the regulations of the Dodd-Frank bill that affectively prevents the banks from lending these funds into the business sector. 

The question that we must ask each of the candidates for the upcoming presidential election is: which candidate, former Governor Romney, or President Obama will be able to unlock the Washington Gridlock over the Small Business Administration that will release funds into the market place?

After watching the recent debates, and witnessing first hand, from the trenches, and looking at the decrease in SBA activity in the last four years, perhaps it is time that we tried a businessman in Washington.

Will Solar Energy Revitalize the Economy for Southwest Inn at Sedona?


The Southwest region of the United States is considered one of the key areas for the development of Solar energy.  This was highlighted at a recent gathering in Las Vegas, as discussed in an excellent article in the Christian Science Monitor.  The concept of revitalizing our economy through innovative energy development in the Southwest is also the solution expresssed in Richard Duncan's book, "The New Depression".  Many Arizona hotels and businesses in the Southwest, like the Southwest Inn at Sedona have suffered in what authors Reinhart and Rogoff labeled as the 2nd Great Contraction in their extensive text, "This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly".

During the 2nd 2012 Presidential Debate, both Candidate Romney and Incumbant Obama mentioned the need for energy independance, including developing alternative energy like solar, hydro, and wind.  So, we have to ask ourselves-which nominee will more likely be able to successfully revitalize the Southwest economy through the development of Solar energy-former Governor Romney, or President Obama?

Of concern: are the pledges of President Obama, and the recent statements of Senate Majority Leader Reid; and the misuse of stimulus funds during the last four years.  The recent pledges of the President sound identicle to the pledges of the 2008 "then candidate Obama", and yet in the four years that he has been in office, not a single solar tower has appeared in the deserts of Arizona or Nevada.  However, as we now know, thousands, millions and billions of the stimulus funds were channeled into solar panel manufacturing companies:  shouldn't the funds have gone into the infrastructure development, so that there would have been a demand for the solar panels?  Is this what Governor Romney brings to the table from private enterprise-a common sence approach to logical business solutions?

Is it time to give a businessman a shot at running the government?  The Southwest has been one of the hardest hit regions in the United States;  the devlopment of alternative energy in the Southwest would go a long way towards revitalizing the Southwest economies.  Is there any reason to believe that the next four years will be any better than the last four years?

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