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Sedona Kryon Convention ~ Lodging at The Southwest Inn


sedona kryon

The Southwest Inn at Sedona will once again be providing lodging to the attendees of the Sedona Kryon Conference.  The 2012 Kryon Conference promises to be one of the most dynamic conferences to date, and the guests will be able to enjoy the Red Rock "phantasmagoria" from the Southwest Inn, which is centrally located between the main conference hall and the wilderness canyons out Dry Creek Road.

Why have so many past attendees enjoyed the Southwest Inn?

  1. After hours of listening to instructional material, our Kryon guests have enjoyed the tranquility of hiking around Thunder Mountain.
  2. Or, taking a sunset walk out towards Buddha Beach, which is just down from the Cathedral Vortex.
  3. Taking snacks and a beverage to the Sedona Cultural Park to enjoy watching the sun go down in a quiet, peaceful setting.
  4. Just minutes away from the Inn, in the stunning red rocks, is the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park.  Stupas are a living presence of awakened compassion and radiate constant blessing throughout the world.
  5. Another opportunity for tranquility is the Sedona Public Library.  It's located 1.5 blocks from the Inn.
  6. Please call us for more information on the spiritual sites near the Southwest Inn at Sedona:  800-483-7422

    Grand Canyon Pink Jeep Tour from Southwest Inn at Sedona


    grand canyon pink jeep tourEnjoy an incredible adventure up to and through the Grand Canyon, while riding in the comfort of a Pink Jeep Luxury Van, and enjoying a wonderful nights sleep at the Southwest Inn at Sedona.

    By combining the Pink Jeep tour of the Grand Canyon with a two night stay at the Southwest Inn at Sedona you will enjoy the following benefits:

    • A package discount for your entire stay
    • Time to enjoy Sedona and the Grand Canyon
    • A fun and scenic ride up to the Grand Canyon
    • Wonderful morning breakfast at the Southwest Inn
    • A great nights sleep in the desert air of Sedona AZ.

    Please call us for availability and rates:  800-483-7422

    Sedona Solar Eclipse from Southwest Inn at Sedona


    sedona solar eclipse A preview of May 20th's annual eclipse from Sky & Telescope

    When the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun in the right way, a solar eclipse happens. There are four different types of solar eclipses. The most recognizable is the total eclipse, where the moon completely blocks out the sun, leaving only the spectacular solar corona visible. A partial eclipse occurs when the sun is only somewhat obscured by the Moon, which can often be seen alongside total eclipses. The annular eclipse, which is what we'll see on May 20, happens when the Moon appears slightly smaller than the Sun. A hybrid eclipse is when the eclipse flips between a total eclipse and an annular eclipse.

    Throughout the late afternoon on Sunday, May 20, you'll be able to see the Moon pass in front of the Sun to various degrees, depending on where you live in the country.

    Those waching the eclipse from Sedona, Az. from the balcony at the Southwest Inn at Sedona will get an amazing view. Or, let us help arrange a Pink Jeep tour up to the Grand Canyon, for a life time experience!

    The last time a total or annular solar eclipse happened across the United States was in 1994, so get ready to watch this amazing event!

    Be sure you're watching the solar eclipse safely. If you look directly at it, you risk permanent eye damage. Check out some tips on how to view a solar eclipse, or grab a pair of specialized eclipse glasses.

    Sedona Super Moon-May 5, 2012-from the Southwest Inn at Sedona


    southwest inn moonriseUSA Today reported that there will be a "Super Moon" that will be viewable in the sky, during the weekend of May 5th and 6th, 2012.

    The moon rises that are seen from the balconies at the Southwest Inn at Sedona at memorable ones, but a "super moon"---WOW!!  we can hardly wait. 

    Another great viewing spot:  out Dry Creek Road!

    Call us today for reservations, and come up to Sedona to enjoy the "Super Moon".

    Sedona AZ Weather-


    sedona weather

    The weather in Sedona Az. provides memorable experiences--all year!!

    Here is what you should expect, but to be sure, please give The Southwest Inn a call for the latest information, which might change by the time we finish our call-

    • January-Low 30; High 55:Come up to the Southwest Inn at Sedona, and let us help you plan out your renewal for the upcoming year.  For information on Sedona Hotels, please give the Southwest Inn a call and learn why we are Sedona's Iconoclast Hotel!
    • February-Low 32; High 59:February offers the perfect opportunity for you to bring that special someone to the Southwest Inn at Sedona and cuddle up in front of a warm fireplace on Sedona's chilly winter nights.  But don't let the nights fool you, when the sun is shining, the daytime temperature couldn't be better for taking a long hike or exploring all that Sedona has to offer.  Call the Southwest Inn for more information on planning your romantic February getaway.
    • March-Low 35; High 63:While a large part of the country is still thawing out, Sedona is already seeing signs of Spring. Wildflowers are starting to bloom and the temperature is rising. Trade in your heavy winter coat for a light jacket, and your snow boots for hiking shoes and hit the trails, many of which are easily accessible from The Southwest Inn at Sedona.  Call now to reserve your room at Sedona's premiere Inn.
    • April-Low 42; High 72:Spring is in full swing so forget cleaning for now, pack up the family and head to the Southwest. Sedona is the perfect place for a fun and enlightening experience away from your everyday routine.  Enjoy a horseback ride in the high desert, a cowboy cookout at a local ranch or a visit to one of the many Native American ruin sites.  Call the Southwest Inn and we can help plan your modern day cowboy adventure.
    • May-Low 49; High 81:As Spring moves into Summer, come enjoy the last of the cool days in Red Rock country.  It's not quite warm enough to swim, but it's the perfect time of year to enjoy the jacuzzi under the wide open starlit sky. The weather in May leaves no restrictions to the activities you can enjoy during your stay at the Southwest Inn at Sedona.
    • June-Low 57; High 90:Toss your jacket aside, grab your sandals and head for the creek! There's nothing more refreshing than a plunge into the water after a long hike.  Red Rock Crossing, the most photographed area in Sedona, is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Southwest Inn, and offers one of the best swimming holes in town.  Hurry to reserve your room at the Southwest Inn and ask about the many ways to cool off during the hot summer months.
    • July-Low 65; High 95:Time to join the locals at Grasshopper Point or one of the other swimming holes in the area to cool off during the heat of the day. The long days of summer offer extra time to enjoy all of Sedona's natural beauty and the surrounding area.  Let the Southwest Inn be your home base for day trips to the Grand Canyon, Jerome and more.  Call now to reserve your room.
    • August-Low 63; High 92:The Summer monsoons have come to wash the dust off the trees and bring some relief from the heat, but they shouldn't interfere with an afternoon of relaxing by our pool looking out at the Red Rocks.  Once the rains have passed, enjoy the view of majestic Thunder Mountain as it is illuminated by the setting sun from the balcony of your room at the Southwest Inn.
    • September-Low 55; High 88:The hot Summer is finally over and October is in sight.  The start of Fall is a beautiful time to visit the area.  It's warm enough for an afternoon at Slide Rock, but don't forget your jacket when you head out for the evening.  These early Fall days are perfect for a jeep tour or a visit to our local vineyards for an afternoon wine tasting tour. Let the award winning staff at the Southwest Inn help plan a memorable visit to Sedona.
    • October-Low 48; High 78: It's Fall Festival time in Sedona.  October is, hands down, the best month to visit Sedona.  The days are warm and the leaves are changing colors. The weather is perfect for strolling through the Sedona Art festival, listening to the sounds of Jazz on the Rocks or for meeting local authors at the Sedona Book Festival.  When you call to reserve your room at Sedona's preferred Boutique Inn ask for more information on the many activities throughout the month of October.
    • November-Low 37; High 65:The crowds are gone, the heat has dropped; but the leaves are still turning, the air is crisp at night, and you can be outside all day long. November provides some of the year’s best hiking and biking, or shopping and art gallery trips.  Don’t Forget to Reserve Sedona’s Best Hotel Rooms at the Southwest Inn!
    • December-Low 30; High 56:Sedona's beauty is only enhanced during the month of December by all of the Holiday lights and festivities throughout the town.  If you're wanting to get in the Holiday spirit, you'll find many opportunities in Sedona and the surrounding area.  Make sure to reserve your room at Sedona's Best Boutique Inn, The Southwest Inn at Sedona. 

    Arizona Spring Training 2013


    PLAY BALL-Arizona Spring Training has begunAZ spring training

    Here is the official 2013 Arizona Spring Training Schedule.

    And, while you are enjoying our national past time, plan a trip up to Sedona for a few nights at The Southwest Inn, voted Best Sedona Hotel-3 years in a row.  You might enjoy one of the Sedona Vacation Packages to complement your visit to Arizona, for spring training.

    Call us today for information:  800-483-7422

    Sedona Wine Country Cited in San Diego Union


    The Sedona Wine Country is one of the 5 great Sedona AZ drives that we recommended to our guests who were visiting, from the Barrett Jackson car show in Scottsdale, AZ.  sedona wine

    The Southwest Inn at Sedona is one of the Sedona Bed & Breakfasts that is an easy drive to the Sedona Wine Country.  So, it came as no surprise when we spotted the wonderful article about the Sedona Wine region in the San Diego Union. 

    Here is the article that appeared in the Sunday-January 15, 2012 San Diego Union...Sedona Wine Country

    When visiting the Sedona Wine Country, guests enjoy many of the features that the Southwest Inn at Sedona has to offer:

    1. Close drive to Page Springs Road-just turn right out of our driveway.
    2. Custom amenities in all of our rooms, including fireplaces
    3. Seasonal get-a-ways
    4. Outstanding breakfast prepared fresh daily

    Please give us a call, so we can help you arrange your Sedona Wine Country adventure--800-483-7422

    Sedona Film Festival | Southwest Inn is a Sponsor


    sedona fil festivalThe Southwest Inn at Sedona is one of the proud Sedona Hotel Sponsors for the 2012 Sedona Film Festival.  In prior years, The Southwest Inn at Sedona has been a favorite place to stay in Sedona, for many reasons:

    1. We are close to the viewing venues.
    2. We are close to many of the better restaurants in Sedona.
    3. All of our rooms have custom amenities, including fireplaces.
    4. We serve the most original breakfast in Sedona.
    5. And, all of us are ardent movie fans, so we will look forward to discussing this years films.

    Give us a call today for information and Sedona Film Festival rates:  800-483-7422

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Hotels in Sedona


    classic carThe Barrett Jackson car show comes to Scottsdale, AZ every January.  Many of the participants enjoy the scenic drive up to Sedona, AZ, which offers some of the most "interesting drives" in the Southwest.  Many of the Sedona Hotels, like the Southwest Inn at Sedona offer winter specials, so plan your drive up to Sedona to enjoy one of these incredible drives:

    1. describe the imageRather than drive up Interstate 17N, enjoy the scenic drive up Arizona Hwy 87 North.  You will go through the charming towns of Payson, Pine and Strawberry, as you drive through the Saguaro Cactus Forest.  Continue north, until you reach the AZ Hwy 260, which becomes the Zane Grey Highway to Cottonwood.  Then turn north onto AZ HWY 89A and continue to Sedona.
    2. Once in Sedona, you can drive back towards Cottonwood, and then follow 89A up to the historic old mining town of Jerome, where many artists now practice their trade.
    3. Back on 89A, if you are leaving the Southwest Inn at Sedona:  go towards Cottnowood, but turn left at the intersection, outside of town, onto Cornville Road.  Continue until you reach the "old wooden" gas station on Page Springs Road.  Turn left onto Page Springs Road and enjoy the drive and the beauty, as you drive through the wine section of Northern Arizona. 
    4. Driving north, through Sedona, take the 89A up Oak Creek Canyon towards Flagstaff.  You will see why this short highway has been called the most beautiful highway in North America.
    5. Finally, the grandaddy of them all:  take the drive north to the Grand Canyon--what else can we say?grand canyon


    Sedona AZ Wellness Workshops from Southwest Inn at Sedona


    sedona azThe Southwest Inn at Sedona is one of the hotels in Sedona that works very closely with many of the Wellness Practitioners in Sedona AZ.  We take great pride in our knowledge of who to recommend, for appropriate applications.  There are many choices, and after some of the events that took place this past year, we urge you to give us a call, so that you can have a safe, enjoyable, and enlightening experience.

    Here are some of the Wellness Workshops that we can put together for you:

    1. Fitness Training, and Hiking in Sedona
    2. Spa Treatments
    3. Art Workshops
    4. Spirtual Outings
    5. Vortex Tours


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