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Phoenix~PF Chang Marathon | Running in Sedona AZ Guide


pf chang marathonIf you are thinking of running in the Phoenix PF Chang Marathon, you will want to read the Sedona AZ Running Guide for tips on how to improve your performance.  The Sedona AZ Running Guide has been put together by the running enthusiasts at the Southwest Inn at Sedona, which is one of the top rated Hotels in Sedona AZ.

After the PF Chang Marathon, why not come up to Sedona and take some time for post-race recovery?  The Southwest Inn at Sedona has a number of Sedona SPA Packages or our Sedona Massage Package that will be sure to help you unwind from the physical stress of the PF Chang Marathon. 

Call the Southwest Inn at Sedona for information:  800-483-7422

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Hotels in Sedona


AthleticFrog   VS.   describe the image

                                         MSU                                                        TCU


Welcome to all of the fans from Michigan and Texas to their admission in The 24th annual Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

Many of the fans who have attended the Insight Bowl in prior years have taken the time to travel the short and scenic distance up to Sedona AZ.  Many of the Sedona Hotels, including the Southwest Inn at Sedona offer Sedona holiday packages that in prior years have attracted many of the Insight Bowl spectators.

Take a look at what the Southwest Inn at Sedona is all about, and then give us a call to help you round out your holiday vacation in Arizona.  We can help you arrange:

  1. A Romance Package
  2. A Railroad Tour Package
  3. A Grand Canyon Package
  4. A Horseback Riding Adventure
  5. An Affordable Spa Package
  6. A Fitness Outing
  7. A Jeep Tour Package

Or, we can help you enjoy some very special time in a very special place. 

sedona az

Check out what USA Today has to say about Sedona's winter season here.

Call the Southwest Inn at Sedona today, for information:  800-483-7422.

Fiesta Bowl Hotels in Sedona


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                   University of Oregon                 VS.                    Kansas State Wildcats


A big welcome and congratulations to the University of Oregon and Kansas State University, for their admission to the 2013 Fiesta Bowl.  In prior years, many of the Fiesta Bowl fans have taken the time to travel up to Sedona AZ. for a side trip.  One of the Sedona Hotels that goes out of the way to welcome the fans is the Southwest Inn at Sedona.  In prior years, we have outlined a variety of activities for the visiting guests.  Here is a short list of what you can expect:

  1. Exchange gameday stories in our breakfast lobby, while enjoying our freshly prepared, homemade Tarahumara Burrito.
  2. Taking a hike around Thunder Mountain, which is just up the road from the Southwest Inn.
  3. Enjoy a Grand Canyon all day tour.  grand canyon
  4. Take a thrilling or scenic jeep tour around the Red Rocks of Sedona. sedona jeep tour
  5. Unwind at the foot of the Cathedral Vortex, across from Budda Beach.budda beach


Check out what USA Today has to say about Sedona's winter season here

And, there is so much more.  Call us today to help you plan your Fiesta Bowl~Sedona Side Trip.  800-483-7422






New York Times cites Sedona Bed and Breakfast's breakfast


The secret of the Southwest Inn at Sedona's vegetarian breakfast burrito is out of the bag:  the New York Times has recently cited the Indian Tribe in Mexico, from whom we created the most unique breakfast that you will ever have at a Sedona Bed and Breakfast, or any other B & B for that matter.  The Innkeeper's of the Southwest Inn at Sedona created and named their burrito after the famed Tarahumara Tribe that inhabits the Copper Canyon region of Mexico, while tuning up for the Worlds Toughest Triathlon, back in 1989. 

Now, what has been a staple of our families diet for over 22 years is shared daily with our guests at the Southwest Inn at Sedona.  If there is a more perfect food combination for energy, staminia and overall health, we do not know of it.  But what we do know is this:  after eating one of our Tarahumara Burritos, and spending some time hiking amongst the Vortex sites of Sedona, and then climbing into our outdoor jacuzzi and staring up at the Sedona night sky, you might never feel this good again.

Give us a call-(800-483-7422), and let us help you rejuvinate your life at the Southwest Inn at Sedona with our Tarahumara Burrito.


Sedona Deals: Southwest Inn Offers Fall Promotion


southwest inn
The Southwest Inn at Sedona is offering their own SEDONA LATE FALL COUPON PROMOTION.  The Fall Coupon Promotion will give our guests the following:

  1. Coupon guaranteeing the lowest rate published at the Southwest Inn at Sedona.
  2. Coupon at a participating restaurant for a dinner discount.
  3. Coupon at one of the participating jeep tour companies for a discount on their tour.

Fall Coupon Promotion is limited to availability, so please call today for your Sedona Fall Get-A-Way--800-483-7422


PIIGS Boycott Sedona Bed and Breakfasts-why?


Many of the Sedona, Arizona Bed and Breakfasts have noticed a sharp drop off in visitors from Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIIGS) this summer.  Are they boycotting Sedona, or are they not traveling, from the economic status that they are living in? 

To counter the collapse of the PIIGS economy, the Southwest Inn at Sedona has put together an Economic Revival promotion that should "bail out" the strapped visitors coming to re-fresh their spirits amongst the Sedona Vortex sites.  Contact the Southwest Inn today for details:  800-483-7422!

Terrorists Blow up Navajo Bridge:Will Sedona Arizona Hotels Suffer?


navajo bridgeAnd so goes the beginning of Edward Abbey's famous fiction work, The Monkey Wrench Gang, originally published in 1975.  I first read The Monkey Wrench Gang, while on my way to the Southwest Inn at Sedona, for a vacation. 

Wikipedia writes that the novel concerns the use of sabotage to protest environmentally damaging activities in the American Southwest, and was so influential that the term "monkey wrench" has come to mean any form of sabotage, activism, law-making, or law-breaking to preserve wilderness, wild spaces and ecosystems.

The book's four main characters are: "Seldom Seen" Smith, a Jack Morman river guide; Doc Sarvis, an odd wealthy and wise surgeon; Bonnie Abbzug, his young sexualized female assistant; and George Heyduke, an eccentric Green Beret Vietnam veteran.  Together, they set out to destroy what they see as the system of western pollution.  As their attacks grow from cutting down billboards along Route 66, to de-railing coal cars, the law begins to close in.

The text of the book takes place in the Southwest, just north of Sedona, Arizona, along Lees Ferry, and up to Jacob Lake.  If you are driveing down to Sedona, from the north you can either go through Page, or you can take the route where The Monkey Wrench Gang spent most of their time, along the Vermillion Cliffs Rim, between the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and the Glenn Canyon Dam. 

Edward Abbey often describes the Southwest in a very colorful and illustrating tone.  If you are headed to Sedona for a vacation, I recommend that you acquire a copy of The Monkey Wrench Gang to read, while you drive through the valleys of the ecologiclly-minded misfits that so many have come to love.

Pleas contact the Southwest Inn at Sedona, for directions:  800-483-7422!

Arizona Football: Sedona Hotels Get-A-Way


az footballFans can enjoy Arizona Football virtually every weekend during the fall season: either the Arizona Cardinals or the ASU Sun Devils are playing.  After the game, fans can extend their Arizona vacation by driving up to Sedona and staying at one of the Sedona Hotels, or at one of the Sedona Bed and Breakfasts.  During their stay in Sedona, fans will enjoy a number of the Sedona Area Attractions.

The schedules for this year are as follows:

Arizona State Sun Devils:

  • vs. USC--Sept 24, 2011
  • vs. Oregon State--October 01, 2011
  • vs. Colorado--October 29, 2011
  • vs. Arizona--November 19, 2011
  • vs. California--November 25, 2011
  • PAC 12 Championship Game--December 02, 2011

Arizona Cardinals:

  • vs. Carolina--Sept 11, 2011
  • vs. New York Giants--October 02, 2011
  • vs. Pittsburgh--October 23, 2011
  • vs. St Louis--November 06, 2011
  • vs. Dallas--December 04, 2011
  • vs. San Francisco--December 11, 2011
  • vs. Cleveland--December 18, 2011
  • vs. Seattle--January 01, 2012

Please give the Southwest Inn at Sedona, for assistance in planning your Arizona Fall Football Vacation Get-A-Way:  800-483-7422

Southwest Inn's Get-A-Way Package



I decided to write this blog in hopes of informing some of you about a Sedona Spa Package at the Southwest Inn at Sedona

Being as it was our first time in Sedona, Arizona, my friend and I spent a few days searching the web on things to do in Sedona when we found a list of Sedona Vacation Packages on the Southwest Inn website. We had previously read tons of great reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp about this hotel and decided to look into these packages, and see which one might be in our best interest. We searched through the description of each, everyone sounding tempting, when we fell in love with the Get-A-Way. This one included not only a discount on our two night stay, but a massage for two, two of the custom coffee mugs from their lobby, and it took care of our dinner dilemmas for one of our nights by including a gift certificate for a neat Southwestern restaurant down the road called the Barking Frog Grille! We are definitely more of the 'spa' type so you can understand why this one intrigued us! We planned our massage for the day after we had arrived in hopes to relieve us of the long trip to get there, (Which it most certainly did).  We had such a great massage at one of the beautiful spas there in Sedona and had no regrets of the package we choose! We even slept in a bit the next morning and then had coffee out on our balcony, enjoying our new mugs as we watchd the sun rise over the eastern red rock rim. We spent the next day wondering aimlessly around the shops and galleries around town finding treasures that we couldn't live without and later headed off to dinner at the Barking Frog, which was everything we had hoped it'd be... delicious! We unwillingly had to head home the day after, but were so incredibly happy with our trip! I hope this helps some of you make your Sedona trip memorable and great!

Sedona Golf from the Southwest Inn at Sedona




Traveling from Phoenix and escaping the dreadful heat, I decided to come up to Sedona and spend the weekend in a lot cooler environment. Taking my breath away by the beautiful Red Rocks and the wonderful scenery, I decided what better way to stay outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature then by playing a round of golf at Seven Canyons, nestled in the fresh canyons of Sedona.

I was told about Seven Canyons by a nice young lady at the front desk of the Southwest Inn, where I stayed for my weekend getaway.  I’ve only golfed a couple of times, but it was in the heat of Phoenix… not enjoyable. So I thought to myself that why not try golfing somewhere cooler where you can relax and enjoy the peacefulness of a lot fresher place.  I truly feel that you can achieve something important out there on the links in the Arizona high desert; I didn't really understand it until I completed the first couple of holes.  As I played the first hole, I played it in a new light.  I have been used to playing, and seeing courses that are manufactured according to preconceived ideas of what a course should be.  Here in Sedona, the holes are defined by trees, or hummocks, or water on it's sides, and there are obstacles near where our shots will probably land.

So, teeing off on number two, I got a better idea of what it would be like to take a "found" landscape and play golf on it with many, many ways to play the hole, depending on your imagination and skill. The subtle green sites on 4 and 7 which feel like someone draped the smoothest blanket on gentle hillsides sorta like "let's play to over there" to the side of that hill even though "over there" would be flattened by a succession of committees to make it more "fair" on any other golf course.  Even though Seven Canyons was made, they are the most natural feeling holes I’ve ever seen on any golf course; I felt like I was on some primeval landscape for the first time thinking this would make a great place to play a game with some clubs and a ball from here to there.  I was proud for having accomplished something remarkable, and I think back that I spent my time at Seven Canyons, and that I’ve played in the most beautiful place where life seemed to be in balance.

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