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Sedona Kryon Convention ~ Lodging at The Southwest Inn


sedona kryon

The Southwest Inn at Sedona will once again be providing lodging to the attendees of the Sedona Kryon Conference.  The 2012 Kryon Conference promises to be one of the most dynamic conferences to date, and the guests will be able to enjoy the Red Rock "phantasmagoria" from the Southwest Inn, which is centrally located between the main conference hall and the wilderness canyons out Dry Creek Road.

Why have so many past attendees enjoyed the Southwest Inn?

  1. After hours of listening to instructional material, our Kryon guests have enjoyed the tranquility of hiking around Thunder Mountain.
  2. Or, taking a sunset walk out towards Buddha Beach, which is just down from the Cathedral Vortex.
  3. Taking snacks and a beverage to the Sedona Cultural Park to enjoy watching the sun go down in a quiet, peaceful setting.
  4. Just minutes away from the Inn, in the stunning red rocks, is the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park.  Stupas are a living presence of awakened compassion and radiate constant blessing throughout the world.
  5. Another opportunity for tranquility is the Sedona Public Library.  It's located 1.5 blocks from the Inn.
  6. Please call us for more information on the spiritual sites near the Southwest Inn at Sedona:  800-483-7422


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