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Grand Canyon Vacation Package - Why we Know it's Worth it!


grand canyon vacation package

There are several Hotels in Sedona, including the Southwest Inn at Sedona that offer hotel packages featuring a trip to the Grand Canyon.

The following is a typical interaction between a Southwest Inn Front Desk Agent and a Southwest Inn Guest...

Guest:  I'm thinking about taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  How long a drive is it from here?

Jamie:  Well, it's only 2.5 hours from here.  Are you and your family thinking of driving your selves?

Guest:  Yes, we were planning on it.

Jamie:  Well, it's very doable to drive on your own, but we always say, if you're going to splurge on one activity, take a tour with Redstone Tours to the Grand Canyon.  You'll be very happy you did.

Guest:  Why is that?

Jamie:  Sir, are you the driver in your family?

Guest:  I sure am

Jamie:  Then you'll appreciate this more than anyone.  When you drive on your own, the driver doesn't get to see anything.  Each time your family members point out something breathtaking or extraordinary, your response will no doubt be, "I can't take my eyes off the road."  But with a Redstone tour, not only will you get to see everything, but your driver will also be your guide and will share a great deal of information about the history, geology and folklore of Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Guest:  That's a good point, I never thought of that.

Jamie:  And, the vehicle that you travel in is very comfortable.  Redstone will pick you up at the Southwest Inn in a deluxe coach that holds no more than 14 people.  On your way to the Grand Canyon you will stop at Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monuments and then have lunch, which is included in the price of your tour, at the Cameron Trading Post.  And let me tell you in advance, the portions are not small and the food is delicious.

Guest:  You've almost sold me.

Jamie:  Then this should do it, if you are planning on staying with us for at least two nights, why not book a Southwest Inn Grand Canyon Package and we can offer you a discount on both, your room rate and your tour, and we're happy to make all of the arrangements for you.

Guest:  I'm convinced!

The real ending of the above scenario usually comes when our exhausted, but thrilled guests are dropped off by Redstone and make it a point to stop by the front desk and thank us.  They're so glad they didn't drive on their own and they can't say enough about the quality of their tour and their guide.  It never fails that each guest somehow has, THE BEST guide.

Call 800-483-7422 and ask for more information about our Grand Canyon Package and Redstone Tours.


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