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Sedona Hotels: Cost, Value, and Luxury


sedona hotelsWhen travelers pack their bags for a trip, weather it is for business or pleasure, they have the option of staying in one of three different kinds of hotels. Each different type of hotel has positives and negatives. To understand the lodging options that a traveler has, they must first understand the pros and cons of each type of hotel. In this blog I investigate the three hotel types, so that you--the traveler can become a more informed customer.

Type 1- Cost over quality:

Drive down any Interstate in America and you will have no trouble finding an example of this type of hotel. These hotels are the ones that will do the bare minimum to make the customer happy. In fact, most of these hotels will fail to make the customer happy. They come with poor customer service, bad locations, and standardized-unappealing rooms. The only thing the customer will be happy with while staying at this type of hotel is the cost. This type of hotel is one that makes sense to stay in while traveling on business through Wichita, Nebraska. Don’t expect to be happy, just expect to save money.

Type 2- Value:

The second type of hotel is comparable to baby bears porridge; just right. You aren’t going to break your wallet staying at this kind of hotel, but the extra money you spend compared to the first type of hotel will go a long way. You will encounter customer service that will work hard to establish repeat customers. The rooms will be well kept and clean. More amenities will be included with your stay; such as pools, gyms, free wifi, hot breakfast (not just various cereals in a box), and concierge services. These are the kinds of hotels that make your travel from the safety of your home less of a shock. If you want to be comfortable, happy, and keep your wallet fat, I suggest type two.

Type 3- Luxury:

The third type of hotel will often leave travelers wondering what exactly they paid for. The simple truth is travelers who pay for luxury hotels are getting the same comfortable bed as the value hotels. The rooms will be no cleaner, and the staff will be no friendlier. What will be different however, is the appearance. The lobbies in these types of hotels will often contain elaborate fountains and marble counter tops. The lamps in the rooms may be more elegant and the bottled water will certainly be more expensive. Ultimately I would consider these hotels a waste of money. If you have extra money to spend while traveling I would suggest staying in the value hotel instead of a luxury hotel, because either option will leave you satisfied. Spend the savings on a first class airfare ticket, at least then you get free drinks!

There are over two million hotels in the United States, but all of them can be put into one of three categories: Cost, Value, and Luxury. If you are leaving the comfort of your home, but you want to remain comfortable and satisfied, I suggest you find a hotel that fits into the Value category.

There are many Hotels in Sedona Arizona, where all three types can be found.  A great "Value Hotel" is The Southwest Inn. So, what makes the Southwest Inn one of the best values amongst the Sedona Hotels

  1. The Southwest Inn offers a great location-near Dry Creek Road, which accesses many of the Sedona Lodging Attractions
  2. Excellent customer service who routinely go above and beyond what is normally expected; they have knowledgeable concierge services that can recommend safe and exhiliarting jeep tours or trips to the Grand Canyon, or asist with dinner recommendations and reservations.
  3. They offer clean, comfortable rooms, european bedding, luxurous towels and a multitude of pillows, along with custom amenities and comfy bathrobes to lounge around in.
  4. And, similar to many Sedona Bed and Breakfast hotels, they serve breakfast that is prepared fresh daily, including their own delicious Tarahumara black bean, quenea, chia and rice breakfast burrito!

Visit the Southwest Inn's website to see pictures of the rooms, prices, and to find out more about the services they offer.

Safe Travels,

-Scott Phelan



We recently stayed at the fancy and expensive Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa in Sedona, Arizona. We hiked nearby trails in the beautiful red rock country, worked out in the spa fitness facility, pampered ourselves with treatments and massages, ate in the three on-site restaurants, and enjoyed comfortable and clean room accommodations. We also spent a small fortune. After checking out, we discovered a privately owned boutique hotel a stone’s throw away from Enchantment. For far less than one-half the price, we had all of the amenities that Enchantment offered, including easy access to great hiking/walking trails, a swimming pool and spa, a free hot breakfast in a neat breakfast room, a friendly and helpful staff that were available to hook us up with a nearby fitness center, jeep rides and/or treatments and massages at first class local spas, and a wonderful, well-furnished and clean room complete with free wi-fi, a flat screen TV, and luxurious towels, comforter, pillows and bathrobes. When we return to Sedona, we’ll stay at our newly discovered gem, the Southwest Inn at Sedona, and indulge ourselves with all of the great Sedona restaurants, sights and experiences that are virtually at your finger tips when you stay at the Southwest Inn. 
Michael and Ruthann Saphier 
Posted @ Monday, May 16, 2011 9:10 PM by Michael and Ruthann Saphier
I am interested in booking a room, 2 dbl beds, Aug 7-8 (2 nights)
Posted @ Tuesday, July 26, 2011 7:53 PM by michael libby
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what you like
Posted @ Tuesday, September 13, 2011 2:29 AM by ni mei
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