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Sedona ATV Tours


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There are many Hotels in Sedona Arizona, including the Southwest Inn at Sedona that provide access to many of the Sedona Lodging Attractions.  Are you looking for the best and most exciting way to explore Sedona? I believe the best way to explore Sedona, is waking up early in the morning before the sunrise, packing a lunch with water and putting on a helmet for a nice day of riding on an ATV. The beautiful blue skies make me feel amazing about my day to come.

Upon leaving the Southwest Inn at Sedona, and turning right going down Dry Creek road, the wind starts blowing on my face and the beautiful panoramic views pass in front of me. Enjoying the fresh air or the amazing wild life makes you realize how beautiful Sedona is. Another thing I like about going down Dry Creek Road, is that I have so many choices of places to ride my ATV: on my right I can turn off onto FR 152, which, if I am so inclined, gives me a choice of trails to ride.  On my left, I can turn off onto Boynton Pass Rd and hike Boynton Canyon and explore nature hands-on. I have seen a group of White Tail Deer and Mule Deer off in the distance enjoying the nice sunshine. As I ride further down the trail I look to my right and see a coyote resting underneath a Juniper tree, thinking what a great day I am having. As my ride goes on, I start to get hungry and decide its time for lunch. I park my ATV and walk a short trail to the top of a hill, and as I sit underneath a Juniper Tree eating a sandwich and drinking a refreshing drink, I reflect on what an incredible experience I am having. I enjoy the views of the Red Rocks and enjoy the beautiful songs of the birds and the whistle of the breeze around me, as if they were singing to me. As I walk back to my ATV, I spot a bunny hopping by, maybe he wanted a friend to hop next too. :) Walking back to the ATV, I get back on the trail as I ride exploring the beautiful mountains surrounding me. On the ride I get dirty but that’s part of the experience of riding. I go through a couple of puddles, loving the feeling of getting a little muddy. I keep riding as far as the sunlight will let me. Getting a chance to see the sunset and all the amazing colors as it goes down behind the mountains in the distance. As I ride back, I think of all the amazing things I saw and did today and what fun it is to ride an ATV and think to my self... oh man, I can not wait to do it again!!


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