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Sedona Hotel Travel Reviews: Be Fair and Balanced


sedona hotel travel reviews

Travel Reviews have become an important part of the research that business or vacationers use in order to select the hotel, restaurant, or tours that will most likely enhance their visit.  Unfortunately, at this early stage in the review sites infancy, many of the posts are unfilterd, or taken as verbatem, thus allowing for professional postings from skilled writers who have never set foot on the property, or aggresively negative postings that can often times affect the economics of a small business, which is allready stressed from the 2nd Great Contraction.

Several Sedona Arizona Hotels, including the Southwest Inn at Sedona recently received the prestigious "Certificate of Excellence " award from Tripadvisor, for industry excellance.  As the Innkeeper, I can tell you that we take all of the postings very seriously, however we do have to question some of the inconsistent postings: as much as we try, we sometimes cannot please everyone; and we are affended by the outright nasty and aggressively negative comments--yes, we are sensitive and we have feelings!

As an Innkeeper, as a CFO for several restaurants, and as a traveler, I would like to offer the following guidelines for posting a travel review:

1>  As your momma once said, "if you cannot say anything nice about someone, then don't say anything at all"; try to look at the forest and not the trees; is the glass half empty, or half full?

The Southwest Inn at Sedona recently had two posts, from guests that stayed with us on obverlapping days.  One post called the owner frumpy, complained of traffic noise, stated that the front desk clerk was in middle school, and ranted on and on about much to do about nothing.  The other guest complemented the owner for hand writing driving and hiking directions, loved the ambiance of the property and its location, was head over heels appreciative of the front desk clerks attention to his car lights being left on, and carried on about the beauty of the Sedona Red Rock vistas.

So, where is the difference?  The negative post said nothing about hiking in what Jon Kraukower called "a phantasmagoria of red sandstone spires and forested ravines"; she did not spend one moment sitting beneath a Vortex, reflecting on life, and she failed to "look up" from the parking lot and see the overpowering presence of one of God's artful creations.  The positive post guests' spent everyday venturing out into the wilderness canyons, and enjoyed an early morning sunrise walk at Budda Beach, beneath the Cathedral Rock Vortex.

Negative posts often come from those who need to "get a life": they need to be compassionate about those they share this planet with, and they need to "smell the roses"!  Whereas, the positive posts come from those travelers who wake up every day and appreciate the opportunity to be part of this planet, and appreciate the opportunity to share their daily experiences with those around them.

Of course, everything will never be perfect to everyone, but the key difference in the travel posts sends us a clear message on life:  keep it in perspective, and try to stay fair and balanced; if you think you are having a bad day, take a look at what is going on in the world; soften your eyes, and take in the bigger picture; appreciate the moment that you are occupying in this time of space.


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