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Sedona Golf from the Southwest Inn at Sedona




Traveling from Phoenix and escaping the dreadful heat, I decided to come up to Sedona and spend the weekend in a lot cooler environment. Taking my breath away by the beautiful Red Rocks and the wonderful scenery, I decided what better way to stay outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature then by playing a round of golf at Seven Canyons, nestled in the fresh canyons of Sedona.

I was told about Seven Canyons by a nice young lady at the front desk of the Southwest Inn, where I stayed for my weekend getaway.  I’ve only golfed a couple of times, but it was in the heat of Phoenix… not enjoyable. So I thought to myself that why not try golfing somewhere cooler where you can relax and enjoy the peacefulness of a lot fresher place.  I truly feel that you can achieve something important out there on the links in the Arizona high desert; I didn't really understand it until I completed the first couple of holes.  As I played the first hole, I played it in a new light.  I have been used to playing, and seeing courses that are manufactured according to preconceived ideas of what a course should be.  Here in Sedona, the holes are defined by trees, or hummocks, or water on it's sides, and there are obstacles near where our shots will probably land.

So, teeing off on number two, I got a better idea of what it would be like to take a "found" landscape and play golf on it with many, many ways to play the hole, depending on your imagination and skill. The subtle green sites on 4 and 7 which feel like someone draped the smoothest blanket on gentle hillsides sorta like "let's play to over there" to the side of that hill even though "over there" would be flattened by a succession of committees to make it more "fair" on any other golf course.  Even though Seven Canyons was made, they are the most natural feeling holes I’ve ever seen on any golf course; I felt like I was on some primeval landscape for the first time thinking this would make a great place to play a game with some clubs and a ball from here to there.  I was proud for having accomplished something remarkable, and I think back that I spent my time at Seven Canyons, and that I’ve played in the most beautiful place where life seemed to be in balance.


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