ATV Fun in Sedona

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Sedona is home to a variety of reputable ATV rental and tour guide companies, and it’s a fantastic way to explore the gorgeous area with a fresh perspective. Available seven days per week, including holidays, ATVing lets you access areas and trails you couldn’t manage on foot or with any other vehicle. Fun and safe under the guidance of skilled local ATV enthusiasts, choose from a variety of rides from the latest ATVs to buggies—all street legal so you can zoom across the city and the wildest outskirts.

Options include the Polaris 330 Boss Trail, Sportsman 400 HO, Polaris Sportsman 500 or ACE, and many more. Not sure which vehicle is best for you? Talk to your ATV rental company about what you want in an adventure! You’ll also get the chance to choose a sunset ride tour, perfect for beating the summer heat and guaranteed to make the red rocks extra stunning.


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There’s an ATV/buggie package to fit every budget. Many first timers are surprised at how affordable rides are. Starting at under $100 for many packages, it’s a wallet-friendly option for all Sedona visitors. Plus, with many vehicles offering multi-seating, it’s an adrenaline rush for the whole family.


Check out deals and packages with Arizona ATV Adventures, Red Rock ATV Rentals and Sedona ATV Rental, three of the most highly rated companies in the area.




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