Best Cold Brew in Sedona

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Don’t let the desert heat keep you from your caffeine fix. Sedona is home to some of the best cold brews in the country, and you won’t want to miss out on this unique way of prepping your favorite beverage. Theia’s, on the corner of Apple Avenue and Cedar Street, is known for cold brews that take at least one day to prepare. Their Arnold Palmers have also put them on the map—it all goes perfectly with their light fare made from scratch.

Indian Gardens Oak Creek Market might not be your first guess when seeking out cold brews, but they’re a secret gem. TripAdvisor fans say it’s worthwhile to go twice in one day. Why not stop at Indian Gardens for both breakfast and lunch? The expansive menu offers more than enough options.

Get a Cold One

Firecreek Coffee is where locals swear the best cold brew can be found. Don’t let the name fool you. Whether you want a piping hot cup of java or tea, or if you prefer a perfectly cold-brewed mug, this is one of the trendiest places to check out.

Creekside Coffee and Bakery is also making big waves, known not just for their cold brews but also blended and frozen frappes. Whether it’s rich, black and cold or swimming with caramel, Creekside has all your cool cravings covered.



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