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For avid outdoor adventurers, not even the sizzling heat of a Sedona July can stop a hike. Broken Arrow Trail is one of the best in the area, but plan for a sunrise hike to beat the heat while taking advantage of a gorgeous time of day. The trail itself is just 1.5 miles long, taking trekkers to Chicken Point with a slight 300 foot gain. Ranked as easy to moderate, you’ll find the trail head shortly after Morgan Road’s end.

Keep an eye out for a dirt road that leads to the parking lot. The brief hike, just three miles round trip, is perfect for hikers of nearly all ages and abilities. However, like most trails in Sedona, it’s well-kept but still squarely in the wild desert. Dress and pack accordingly, including plenty of water and perhaps a snack from a local establishment.


Ride On


The area is also popular with 4x4s, though hiking trails are separate. At the peak of the trail, you can enjoy a fantastic view of Submarine Rock. The Devil’s Dining Room is also nearby and provides the perfect stop for your own packed breakfast.


Some prefer to rent their own off-road vehicle to explore the area, while taking a Jeep tour lets a local pro take you to the best vantage points. No matter how you experience Arrow Trail, it’s a must for your Sedona visit.


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