Four Tasty Picks for Holiday Chocolates

December 5, 2017 Leave a Comment


On the prowl for holiday chocolates? Start your delicious journey at Lulu’s Chocolate Lounge, where every choice is wholly organic, fair-trade, vegan, paleo-friendly, free of soy and gluten, and sweetened naturally—all without compromising flavor. It’s artisanal chocolate at its finest, with truffles hand-crafted and almonds sprouted on site before being hand-crushed. Every gold wrapper is filled individually and packaged by hand.

The Chocolate Tree Organic Eatery is another delectable choice, where you’ll find much more than chocolate bars and treats (though those remain the primary stars). Only ayurvedic ghee or coconut oil is used while cooking, and the hot chocolate with cacao, grade C maple syrup and almond milk make the perfect cup of heaven during the holiday season.


Sweet Treats


At The Sedona Fudge Company it’s always Christmas, but the local shop really ups the ante this time of year. Known for their Macinac Island fudge, Grandma Horr’s home-baked cookies, handmade chocolates and much more, there’s always something new and tempting to try. Make sure your holiday is complete with a real taste of Sedona.


The beloved Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is also in Sedona, complete with their luxury candied apples and wide selection of chocolates—including an impressive sugar-free section. From hot chocolate to bars, bark and truffles, there’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

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