Hikes to Discover in Sedona

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“Take a hike!” is a friendly recommendation in Sedona, and there are plenty of trails to choose from. Brins Mesa is located below the highest structure in the region, Wilson Mountain. It’ll whisk you upwards 500 feet to a view of Mormon Canyon. There’s the option for an additional one-mile hike to connect to Soldier Pass Trail, too.

Check out these additional hikes, and see Sedona in its natural glory:


  • Courthouse/Bell Rock. The Courthouse Butte Loop and Bell Rock Trail is a favorite, moderate hike suitable for most. The “carnival” at the top is a fun destination, but don’t overlook the entire trail and get distracted at the top. Take the loop via the eastern/northern side for the best views and most tranquil stroll. As you loop around the northern side, keep an eye out for Pancake Rock, too!
  • Fay Canyon. This family-friendly like takes you on a descent before slowly maneuvering upward across the dry creek arroyos. A relatively flat trail, it starts out good but ends up great as you meander into the box canyon. Plus, the big juniper and oak trees provide plenty of shade for summer hikes.
  • Little Horse. Ranked as easy to moderate, the trail takes you across the Red Rocks and over dry creek washes before the grand finale at Chicken Point. Enjoy views of Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Gibraltar Rock. A side hike to Chapel of the Holy Cross is accessible from the trail, too.
  • West Fork. Arguably the most famous Sedona Red Rock trail, it’s where you’ll discover staggering cliffs and other-worldly beauty. The perennial water is crossed 13 times, and you’ll feel whisked away to the Old West. Find Mayhew Cabin remains and explore the remnants of Mayhew Lodge in this easy to moderate hike.


Sedona is a paradise for outdoor lovers. Start your hike at dawn to make the most of the cooler morning weather.


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