Running in Sedona, AZ

running in sedona azI have spent years running the trails of Sedona, Arizona, but not until I had read "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall did I fully appreciate the experience.  Born to Run is an amazing story of the Tarahumara Indian Tribe who live in the Copper Canyon of Mexico.  They are amazing athletes, and part of their secret to long-distance running is their diet, which the Southwest Inn at Sedona~an eclectic Sedona Bed and Breakfast has adopted by preparing a Tarahumara Burrito for breakfast.

So, What Are You Going to do Now That You Are A Long-Distance Runner ?

There are two major marathons in Arizona: one in Phoenix--The PF Chang Marathon, which takes place in January of each year; and one in Sedona--The Sedona Marathon, which takes place in February of each year.  We have built this page as a guide to help all runners to improve their ability and experience the joy of running; and hopefully, we will see you at one of the two marathons in Arizona, or just out on the trails.

Another great resource on running in Sedona can be found over at the Sedona Running Company

Training Tips for Running in Sedona AZ

Dan Heil, an “occasionally above average” master skier and triathlete from Bozeman, MT, is a professor of Exercise Physiology at Montana State University. Dan also serves as the director of the Movement Science / Human Performance Lab for testing local master and junior Nordic athletes.  He wrote these articles for the Master Skier publication, but they also have application towards developing your long-distance running improvement.  My son has worked with Dr. Heil; and, I have had the pleasure of meeting him, and could not resist the temptation to ask him for his published research, which he was so kind to forward to me.  I hope you will enjoy this series of articles:

  1. Endurance Training by Dan Heil
  2. Ageing and Strength by Dan Heil
  3. Competitive Edge by Dan Heil
  4. Cross Training by Dan Heil
  5. Max Heart Rate by Dan Heil
  6. Tracking Heart Rate for Health by Dan Heil
  7. Training with TRIMPS by Dan Heil

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