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green hotel in sedona arizonaSouthwest Inn Goes Green ~ Environmental Friendly Hotel Features

Sedona Monthly magazine, April 2009, featured the Southwest Inn at Sedona as one of the “Greenest Hotels” in Sedona.

The Southwest Inn at Sedona is a member of “Green” Hotels Association. The group promotes conservation of our precious environment. Our membership signifies the hotel management and staff’s desire to employ practices that “help save our planet” – whether through water and energy saving practices, by waste reducing measures or otherwise.

What makes The Southwest Inn at Sedona different?

  • To make the buildings environmentally friendly we have painted them in colors with very low reflectivity – the LRV (light reflectance value) is below 18. The inn won an award from the local environmental group “Keep Sedona Beautiful (KSB)”.Guests are given the option of having their sheets laundered daily or every 3 days to save soap, water, natural gas and electricity.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used whenever allowed by our county health department sanitation codes.
  • Low water toilets (1.5 gallon) are used throughout to save water.
  • Each room has its own climate control-energy efficient system. The systems provide you with the ability to set the temperature of your room or suite to your own comfort or just open the window and use the ceiling fan. All rooms have ceiling fans to assist in air circulation minimizing the need for air-conditioning.
  • Re-circulating hot water system assures you of hot water seconds after opening the tap – no long waits to take your shower and you don’t have to keep the water running to get it hot.
  • Most sight lighting is fluorescent, minimizing electrical usage.
  • All common area lighting utilizes 13-watt fluorescent floods rather than 150-watt incandescent floods. All step and pathway lighting is fluorescent, or solar, and they are on sensors.
  • All Arizona Native plants are on a timed drip system, which minimizes water waste.
  • Many waste materials are recycled.
  • China plates are used over paper.
  • Silverware is used over plastic
  • Hydrochanger is connected to main water line to soften water.
  • Commercial dish washer reduces water useage.
  • Interior paint is environmentally friendly.
  • Roofs have been coated with heat resistent top material.
  • Pool was re-done with heat absorbing top coat.
  • Parking lot was re-surfaced with non-petroleum top coat.

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