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Sedona Biking & Hiking Trails

Sedona has some great hiking, biking and 4 wheel trails. Here are some hiking trails that you can get started on, for lots more information on bike trails in Sedona or hiking in Sedona, visit our Guide & Reviews of Sedona where we post detialed information on different areas trails.

Oak Creek Canyon Area
Ref.# Trail Name USFS Trail# Mile Post Description
1. A.B. Young #100 383.2 Strenuous, steep climb along west rim of canyon to look-out tower. Cross creek at Bootlegger camp-climb to old road. Trial is upward 1.6 mi.
2. Allen's Bend #111 376.7 Easy. Nice walk along creek with access to fish/swim area. Trail starts north of Grasshopper Point parking lot. .5 mi.
3. Casner Canyon #11 376.9 Moderate. Steep with some difficulty. Lacks shade, has desert flora. Take roadside path north of Grasshopper Point, ford creek, head for notch ahead. 1400' climb. 2.0 mi.
4. Cookstove #143 386.9 Moderate. Begins at NE end of Pine Flat campground. Steep climb that is scenic-woodsy. At top 1 mile south to Harding Spring Trail. 800' climb. 0.7 mi.
5. Harding Springs #51 385.8 Moderate. Begins across from Cave Springs campground. A steep climb that is scenic-woodsy. 700' climb. 0.7 mi.
6. North Wilson #123 379.3 Strenuous. Steep climb that joins Wilson Mountain Trail. Begins north of Escinoso Picnic Area. Ends up on "First Bench". 1700' climb. 2.0 mi.
7. Sterling Pass #46 380.5 Moderate. A steep climb through a shady narrow pass; connects to Vultee Arch Trail. Begins 300' north of Manzanita campground sign. 1120' climb. 2.4 mi.
8. Thomas Point #142 384.5 Moderate. A steep climb on east rim. Views of Sedona red rocks and peaks near Flagstaff. 800' climb. 1.0mi. Park at Call of the Canyon.
9. West Fork (Call of the Canyon) #108 384.7 Easy. Begins at parking area. Cross Oak Creek into area that is scenic and beautiful. Trail head is Call of the Canyon. 3.0 mi.
10. Wilson Mountain #10 376 Strenuous. A short to an all day hike that joins north Wilson Trail. Scenic views. 2300' climb. 5.6 mi.

West Sedona Area
Ref.# Trail Name USFS Trail# Description
11. Boynton Canyon #47 Easy. A scenic hike. Park in lot. 400' climb. 2.5 mi.
12. Brins Mesa #119 Moderate. Go north on Jordan Road to dirt extension, approximately 2 miles. Left at fork about .4 mi. to gate. Trail joins Soldiers Pass Trail. 2.5 mi.
13. Devils Bridge #120 Moderate. A scenic hike up to an arch. Trail head is 1.5 miles down from FR 152. 400' climb. 0.9 mi.
14. Doe Mountain #60 Moderate. Short climb to flat mesa. Bear Mountain Trail is across road with a difficult climb of 1900 feet in 2 miles. 400' climb. 0.5 mi.
15. Fay Canyon #53 Easy. Short hike to wilderness. Look to the right wall and up to see arch. In 1/2 mile. 100' climb. 1.5 mi.
16. Long Canyon #122 Easy. Right on Long Canyon Rd. go .6 mi. to trail on left. 580' climb. 2.9 mi.
17. Loy Canyon #5 Strenuous. Trail head off FR 525 before second cattleguard. A hike in a desert canyon. Views. 5 mi.
18. Vultree Arch #22 Moderate. A very scenic hike. Not recommended for cars. 400' climb. 1.7 mi.
19. Secret Canyon #121 Moderate. First two miles provides open views. Leads into canyon. Take FR 152 for 3 mi. 660' climb. 4.5 mi.
20. Bear Mountain #54 Strenuous. Trail head at cattleguard on Boynton Pass Road. 1700' climb. 2.5 mi. to plateau.