Sedona VegFest

January 18, 2018 Leave a Comment


Veg out January 20 – 21 at the annual Sedona VegFest. It’s a festival for all things related to a healthy plant-based lifestyle and diet. If you’re interested in adopting this green lifestyle, or learning more about it, it’s the perfect place to get healthy recipes, information on how you can reduce cruelty and more ways to help the environment with simple, affordable (often free!) choices.

There will be cooking demonstrations from some of the best vegetarian and vegan chefs in the country. Nutritionists are on hand to help you answer some of the toughest questions. You’ll also be treated to plenty of samples from healthy and humane vendors. It’s much more than “just” a foodie gathering. It’s an annual event where you can celebrate and learn about an overall greener lifestyle.

Planning to Veg Out

On January 18 – 19, medical professionals are welcomed for their own industry VegFest that kicks off the long weekend. All four days are hosted at the Sedona Performing Arts Center (995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road). Get ready to meet celebrity chefs, bust some myths about what “plant-based” means and discover how we can make a huge impact on climate.

“Even though problems of our world often seem overwhelming, through a simple change in your own life, you can make a real difference,” says the creators of the event. Don’t miss out on this fun, family-friendly event where you’re guaranteed to pick up some favorite new recipes, tips and goodies.


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