Sedona VegFest

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On January 14 – 15, head to VegFest and indulge in locally sourced produce, dishes and authentic recipes. Located at the Sedona Performing Arts Center at 995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road, this two-day celebration showcases plant-based eating with plenty of samples and cooking demonstrations. Meet celebrity chefs, sit in on sessions regarding lifestyle and nutrition from leading experts, and discover new recipes.

Adopting a healthier, plant-based lifestyle is easy when you have the tools, tips and knowledge to make it happen. A number of health conditions are caused by or exacerbated by diet, and VegFest teaches attendees the science behind whole food plant diets. Demonstrations on how to prepare entrees, the impacts of animal agriculture and inspiring lectures are what make this annual event so well-attended.

Dining in Sedona

In addition to the generous samples, attendees are treated to two lunch entrees prepared by celebrity chefs. It’s also a chance to network, get to know local and national leaders, and spend your time in Sedona learning about the prosperous local farms. Registration is just $20 per day or $30 for both days, and children under 12 are admitted free.

Register online, and check out the full program. Demos include making authentic Mexican street tacos and “Time for Thai,” while featured speakers include Dr. Joel Fuhrman on “the scientific principles of superior nutrition” and Victoria Moran on “the making of a street vegan.”

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