Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.22.29 PMThere are a number of outstanding Hiking Trails close to Sedona Hotels, including theSouthwest Inn at Sedona.  The trails range in nature from casual, to challenging, to heart pounding; and, they all share two things in common: easy to access, and breathtaking scenery!! Here are some of our favorites: Please click on links below for more info!

Bear Mountain – This trail is deserving of its name – it’s a bear of a hike, but well worth it.  This hard, very steep trail is 2.4 mi one-way, but the views from the top are your reward.  The Bear Mountain Trail shares its parking space with the Doe mountain trail.

Boynton Canyon-A wonderful canyon trail featuring Indian ruins.  This 3.75 mi (one-way) trail is one of several vortex spots in Sedona.  The trail is rated as moderate and is  easy to reach by car from the Southwest Inn.

Boynton Canyon Vista Trail – The Vista Trail splits away from the Boynton Canyon Trail and offers views of Boynton Canyon.  This trail is short (.6 mi) and easy.

Brins Mesa-This trail starts near Uptown Sedona , leads you to the top of Brins Measa and descends to meet the Vultee Arch road in West Sedona. From one trailhead to the other, this moderate trail is 4.3 mi one-way.

Cathedral Rock Trail-To say that the views from the top of this trail are superb would be an understatement.  This is an exciting, but hard climb to a saddle on Cathedral Rock.  This is another  vortex spot.  While this is a strenuous climb, it is short (.7 mi)

Courthouse Butte – This trail, starting at the Bellrock Pathway in the Village of Oak Creek, makes a complete circuit around famous Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock.  The complete loop is 4.3 mi and the trail is rated as moderate.

Doe Mountain-This trail takes you to the top of Doe Mountain, a small mesa standing by itself.  The climb is a moderate one, and once you reach the top you’ll want to walk around the rim and enjoy the views. This trail is .7 mi one-way.

Fay Canyon-An easy to reach lovely, level canyon hike.  Total hiking distance one-way: 1.2 mi

Soldier Pass-After passing The Devil’s Kitchen, the area’s largest known sinkhole,  and the Seven Sacred Pools, this trail takes you through colorful redrock country to the top of Brins Mesa.  This is a moderate, 4.4 mi hike (round trip).

West Fork-This is one of the best and most popular hikes in Arizona.  t’s a level trail that crosses the creek numerous times.  West Fork trail is located in Oak Creek Canyon and can be snowy and or icy in the winter months.  The one-way distance is 3.2 mi. (This is the area Zane Grey wrote about in Call of the Canyon).

If hiking is one of the Sedona Lodging Attractions that interests you, we are sure that one of these trails will fit the bill.  Please call the Southwest Inn at Sedona for more information: 800-483-7422.


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