Sedona Vortex


Sedona is known as a very spirtual place, where the spirits of the historic Native American Indians
are still very active, and are very POSITIVE in nature. This is why so many guests, from around the
world come to Sedona: to feel the positive spirits; to see the red rock spirals that were created from
the Earth’s positive energy; to absorb a piece of the magical power of being “positive”; and, to heel
from the negative energy that might be surrounding the individual.

It’s simple, when you begin to understand the power of Sedona’s Energy: if you have a positive ring of
energy around you-then you begin to absorb the positive energy, from all that surrounds you; but, on
the other hand, if you are surrounded by a ring of negative energy-then you continue to absorb the
negative, from all that you come in contact with. Fortunately, in Sedona-there is an abundance of
POSITIVE energy, so that those with positive energy will go away more embraced, and those with
negative energy will become a dumping ground of what little negative energy they come in contact with.



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