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Hotels in Sedona, including the Southwest Inn at Sedona are confronted with many issues;  we have created this Blog Index to help you access those issues that are on our minds:

Southwest Inn-Keepers Thoughts

Why is the current Economic Recovery so slow? Is John Taylor at Stanford correct in his recent blog ? Or, are Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff's recent comments on point? And,...Read More
The Southwest region of the United States is considered one of the key areas for the development of Solar energy.  This was highlighted at a recent gathering in Las Vegas, as discussed in an...Read More

The following comment was emailed to me from Duffy Witmer, CEO of The Pioneer Saloon in Ketchum, Idaho .  Duffy was responding to my earlier blog, regarding our economy .  I have...Read More
Many Hotels in Sedona , like the Southwest Inn at Sedona are helping the US economy with a combination of special pricing, combined packages, and attractive promotions.  In addition, the ...Read More
I am writing this blog post in response to many of my professional clients, who have recently asked for my opinion on our economy.  I thought that I would break this blog post into two parts:...Read More
Travel Reviews have become an important part of the research that business or vacationers use in order to select the hotel, restaurant, or tours that will most likely enhance their visit. ...Read More

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